sticking windows, jammed windows, drafts coming in your doors or windows? window not shutting correctly, you may have a damaged window hinge,
have new hinges fitted on your pvc double glazed windows and doors

Window Hinges Fitted, stop drafts and jammed windows now

If your windows have become draughty or jamming and not closing properly, then you may need a new pair of hinges fitted,

Window handles, chrome window handles gold window handles white pvc window handles fitted, broken window handles replaced

PVC, Aluminium and Wooden Window Handles Fitted

If your windows are not closing properly or your handles wont go into closed position, the handles may have broken or failed. Damaged or broken handles look unkempt and can look unsightly.

Front and back door handles fixed and replaced, white door handles, gold door handles, cheap door handles, designer door handles,

Front & Back Door handles replaced

You can chose from our economy range to our premium range handles, all giving you the security and look that you need

 Stop drafts in your home, window drafts, doors draughty, window getting throught the doors and windows

Door and Window Draught Seals & Gaskets

If you have drafts coming into your rooms, it may be that you need to replace your door & window seals. These are often referred to as gaskets, replacing these ever 10 years old, can save you 100's per year in heating bills.

French door handles replaced, shliding door and patio door balcony door handles replaced

French Door and Patio Door handles

Your door is the one of the first things that everyone sees as they approach your home, your door handles are the entry to your home.

 doors hjamming, locking mechanism not working, door jammed, windows wont open, doors wont lock,

Window & door gears, mechanisms & espagnolette

If your door or window handles wont turn or your doors get hard to close properly you may need to have your gears or espagnolette replaced.

Your letterbox is not only visual but also keeps heat in your house, so you have a broken letterbox?, get it fixed and save money on your heating

Letterboxes fixed & replaced

Letterboxes are also a source of drafts, if you have a broken or ill-fitting letterboxes, you may be letting your expensive heat drift right out the door.

 Broken windows fixed, glass replaced in your windows, house burgled, we fix your glass, business, commerical glass, toughened and security glass, laminated glass

Broken Windows / Glass

We supply any type of glass or double glazing unit type for both commercial business and residential customers; we replace, fix and repair: single glazing, double glazed,triple glazing units, obscure glass, tinted glass, security glass, broken windows fixed, (broken, smashed, cracked, misted, foggy, frosted, privacy bathroom) and door glass replacement (single, double, wooden, metal, aluminium, pvc).

Misted, blown or foggy, double glazed glass, replacement of the blown units.

Foggy, misted, condensation between the panes and blown units

Misted, blown or foggy, double glazed glass looks unsightly no matter how much you clean it, your only option for a permanent solution is replacement of the blown units. There are companies that offer to fix this, but we dont recommend it as it will only be temporary and cost is as much as a replacement

Patio door jumping or hard to close. Do they need replacement? French Door repairs, Wind restrictors, storm hinges french doors, 
A sliding patio door in your house, whatever type of door it may be, such as a glass door, a patio door,an aluminium patio door or hardwood framed door, 
it will be affected by the wet damp Irish weather, problems can occur in winter weather and summer, 
the temperature change from cold to heat year in and year out can take its toll, it will need repairs from time to time because of natural wear and tear.

Patio Door Rollers Tracks Wheels Runners & French Door Repairs

Are you having problems with your sliding patio door? We undertake track repair, roller repair, door handles, runners, boogies & the sliding tracks.

Commercial / Business Window & Door Repairs

No matter what the damage or repair is - a break-in or wind damage, with us you dont have to worry about your glass doors as we are here to offer a range of services including, Transom closers, transom repairs, transom hinges and stoppers, adjustment, glass replacement,

Window restrictors, child safety restrictors

Safety first for children!! Fit Window Lock Restrictors, for landlords, councils, security and for insurance